Why Trillium?

Why Trillium?

Usually, this flower symbolizes spiritual embodiment and with a sense of conscientiousness. It can also showcase precision, elegance, and grace. 

The Trillium plant is native to the Pacific Northwest forests. It is an indicator species in our local forests. If Trillium are present in the forest, then the local environment is likely very healthy, one that supports the ecosystem.

Like the trillium in the forest, human health and vitality can only be achieved in conjunction with a healthy environment. Whether it be chronic stress, poor nutrition, lack of movement, toxins, chemical exposures, or genetic predisposition or a combination of some or all of the above, an individual’s health becomes compromised.

Professional Bio

Leslie Conner is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner and certified Functional Medicine provider.  In her over 30+ years of practice, she has incorporated bodywork, homeopathy, shamanic healing and cranial-sacral work.  She is currently practicing online and in Nosara, Costa Rica.  She specializes in root cause analysis: finding the root causes of dysfunction rather than focusing on symptoms or diagnoses. 

Her passion is partnering with people to vitalize their physical bodies, open their hearts and raise their consciousness.  And through that, to embrace their new dream of a healthier mind, body and spirit for themselves and their communities.  

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